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Family, Service & Excellence

Sarah Harrison is a logistician, a mother of two teenagers, and a believer in serving her community. As the head of a single-income household, Sarah understands the financial challenges that many Wisconsin families face. 

Years of service in business management roles and on volunteer committees give Sarah hands-on experience listening to diverse points of view, and collaborating with others to find the best solution for complex issues. Sarah manages a team of engineers who design systems to move materials in an ergonomic manner. Her past logistics roles include distribution operations, transportation, and supply chain management. Sarah's non-profit work includes volunteering for hunger mitigation, environmental clean-up and tutoring at-needs students.

Sarah and her family have lived in Waukesha County for seventeen years. She grew up in the small community of Ely, Iowa. Sarah has a B.A. from the University of Iowa and an MBA from UW-Madison. Sarah and her kids enjoy writing and playing music, attending concerts and roller skating together. 

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